Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finished Objects

Finished Articles
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Objects in the finished object pile may appear to be more numerous than in real life.

There is :-

1x Evenstar
1x Gothic Baby Blanket
1x Anastasia Socks
1x Neefje Steefje socks
1x Super Carla (ends sewn in at last)
1x Citron
1x Coquille
1x Nightsong

Actually that's 8 FO's so not too bad really. Now I don't feel nearly so guilty about buying 14 balls of Drops silk tweed and another Hanne Falkenburg kit. I have no idea what to do with the silk tweed but it was too nice to leave in the shop especially when it was reduced to silly money. I blame Winni again. She is my dealer/pusher and told me that the wee LYS in Alt Tegel has a SSV (summer sale). Unfortunately Drops will be leaving their stock forever (something to do with Drops making things difficult for stockists) which is a shame but hence the summer sale. its a shame as I kind of like Drops but I suppose if I really want it, I can order it online.

I've got socks for Frank OTN and the stupid picture won't upload. Stupid stupid Flikr. Ach I'll sort it later.

I managed to get a bit of knitting done while on holiday. The Anastasia socks are for me and were completed not while cycling along the Elbe as that is a bit too complicated but at various stops along the Elbe while on bike tour.

Since the photos of Frank's socks won't load then the photos from the Elberadweg won't either :o( which is a bit of bummer as its very pretty. We were really lucky with the weather too and cashed in our luck when we booked the train back on Saturday and missed the high water and floods where we'd been staying. If anyone is looking to start a business, there is a distinct lack of campsites between Torgau and Meissen.

Oh and boys and girls, that extra centimeter really does matter. I had a really, really sore behind only a few days into the tour and that never normally happens. We discovered that my saddle was too far back so we moved it 1cm forward. It made the biggest improvement ever. Actually so much improvement that we managed 75km the next day. All in all we did about 500km on our bikes.

I actually enjoyed things soo much that I've decided to get even fitter and signed up for a new gym which has spinning classes. Not the wooly spinning stuff but the bike spinning stuff which I used to do ages ago and loved it.

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Maggie said...

It's a lovely pile of Finished work and nice to know you had a lovely bike tour. We just don't have things like that here in the USA..whine, whine. I also don't have any nice pile of finished work either...